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March 31, 2023

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You are considering hiring an estate sale company due to a a life change such as downsizing or moving to simplify your life.  You may be going through a difficult journey due to a family  death, divorce or forced relocation.  Either way you could use some guidance on where to start.

Estate Sales by Cheri can ease this process for you by hosting and staging an estate sale.

You can be free to focus on other issues at hand rather than the liquidation of family heirlooms, furniture etc.

We are enthusiastic about hosting estate sales & hope to inspire you to let us do all the work for you!

Featured photos f​rom some of our past sales

Step One:

Call us at 402-450-4327

Schedule free onsite consultation

Your questions & concerns will be answered & referrals provided

Step Two:

Hire us & schedule your sale date

Sorting & Organizing  available with or without scheduling an estate sale with us  Set-up recommendations & pricing your sale for you to host your own sale is also an available option we offer

Step Three:

Deep breath!  Relax you can now move forward with other issues that need tending  ~ we've got this for you!

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