Estate Sales by Cheri

We focus on one family one client at a time in order to best serve you and be available to you from start to finish with the ideal of exceeding your expectations and maximizing the outcome of your sale. 

Onsite estate sales will be one day sales ~ Friday's 10:30-6:30 or 7:30

Prices are negotiable ALL DAY which we believe is the best way to ensure a successful sale for you & your family

In cases of inclement weather Friday sales will be rescheduled

We offer online auctions for smaller items as well as our onsite estate sales.

We offer over 25 years of combined experience in price trends, marketing , retail management, estate sale management, antiques & collectibles.  Specializing in Mid-Century Modern , Hollywood Regency , jewelry & fashion,

furniture and decor, both vintage & current trends from common treasures to high end.   We believe choosing us gives you the upper hand in having a successful sale.

Your onsite free consultation will include referrals, resumes on request & an estimated sales projection. 

We will give you honest direction from our expertise as to which options we believe will be best for you to maximize your sales event.  

General process once you choose Estate Sales by Cheri consists of pre-sale cleaning of your home, sorting & organizing, displaying & showcasing your items in a way to encourage shoppers to buy which in turn optimizes our goal of finding a  buyer for  all your items & best representing your home.    Our ideal is to find that someone who will appreciate or repurpose your collections, heirlooms &  household items/ furniture.

Your free in-home consultation will include answering your questions such as what happens after the sale with unsold items, donation options or referrals of clear-out companies. 

We look forward to meeting you & hosting your sale!

Estate Sales     

by Cheri